David VanDusen’s Thoughts and Experiments

David VanDusen is a software developer who is building web applications. This website contains articles about the findings of his experiments, technological and otherwise.

List of articles

  1. 2021-09-20

    57 Books That Informed The Way I Approach Software Development

    A retrospective on the books that guided my career in development.

  2. 2021-09-10

    Learn Software Development By Reading Books

    Why I think reading books has been key to my professional growth.

  3. 2021-09-08

    A Tool For Spontaneous Public Speaking

    Here’s a tool I made to improve unpremeditated presentations.

  4. 2021-09-06

    Writing Systems and Inclusivity

    Learning writing systems helps me think more inclusively.

  5. 2021-08-30

    Tech Mentorship Starts With a Mental Model

    Describing a technique for mentorship that builds confidence.

  6. 2021-08-23

    Word Processor That Works Like Pen and Paper

    Can an indelible word processor help develop better writing habits?