David VanDusen’s Thoughts and Experiments

David VanDusen is a software developer who is building web applications. This website contains articles about the outcomes of his learning, technological and otherwise.

List of articles

  1. Session Zero with Your Dev Team

    Do a tabletop-RPG-style campaign session 0 with your dev team to align on expectations.

  2. CRDT Sensibility

    I played around with Yjs, a CRDT library, for my first week at Commit.

  3. Break the Ice with Your New Remote Teammates

    A tool for bridging the remote work socialization gap.

  4. <noscript> for the Wicked: I’m Not Buying If I Don’t Know What You’re Selling

    Thoughts on my collection of <noscript> text.

  5. Read to the End

    The information at the ends of docs is disproportionately useful.

  6. The Best Mentorship Advice I Can Give: Look Out The Window

    Become a better mentor instantly with this one weird trick!

  7. Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action: Learnings

    How the Calls to Action gave me direction for learning about the issues facing the Indigenous peoples of Canada.

  8. 57 Books That Informed The Way I Approach Software Development

    A retrospective on the books that guided my career in development.

  9. Learn Software Development By Reading Books

    Why I think reading books has been key to my professional growth.

  10. A Tool For Spontaneous Public Speaking

    Here’s a tool I made to improve unpremeditated presentations.

  11. Writing Systems and Inclusivity

    Learning writing systems helps me think more inclusively.

  12. Tech Mentorship Starts With a Mental Model

    Describing a technique for mentorship that builds confidence.

  13. Word Processor That Works Like Pen and Paper

    Can an indelible word processor help develop better writing habits?